Veronica Radke Showing Off The Goods

The gorgeous Veronica Radke is back on POVD and looking hotter then ever. She is “Showing Off The Goods” as POVD puts it in this episode. It’s much like the Strip Checkers scene she first did with them. I think they should have changed it up at least the ending or something. I won’t complain though just because they had a hot girl on and got her to fuck twice you can’t be mad at that. You know that Veronica Radke is hot just for the fact that POVD doesn’t have a lot of girls return to their site so when they do return it’s a members favorite. The video shows her fucking in a whole bunch of different positions as always the camera gives you the feel like you’re fucking this beauty. Right when you’re about to cum Veronica Radke just knows and she gets on her knees and takes a huge facial.
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